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About US

Beta Industrial LLC

Beta Industrial LLC is a member company of Beta group of companies that is  one of the fastest growing commercial enterprises with large manufacturing, exporting and importing agencies based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.
The Beta Group started its operations in 1977 with electrical contracting. Today, it has expanded to 10 companies with branches in Abu Dhabi, Riyadh and Jeddah and has over 800 employees on its payroll.

Beta Group consists of:

  • Beta Industrial LLC – DUBAI
  • Beta Information Technology LLC (Beta IT) – DUBAI
  • Dar Beta Information Technology (Dar Beta IT) – RIYADH
  • Precision Industries (PI) – DUBAI
  • Beta Industrial Businesses – RIYADH
  • M.M. Al Daour Factory (MMDF) – RIYADH
  • Beta Engineering Co. LLC – DUBAI
  • Beta Trading Co. LLC – DUBAI
  • Beta Machinery - DUBAI
  • Wahaj Solar - DUBAI




We Manufacture:

  • Grilles & Diffusers - Certified by Intertek(ETL) - USA in accordance with   ANSI / ASHRAE & ADC standards.
  • Sand Trap Louvers & Exhaust Air Louvers - Certified by AMCA.
  • Volume Control Dampers & Non Return Dampers – Performance certified by AMCA & Fire rated by Warringtonfire.
  • Access Doors & Pressure Relief Dampers
  • Fire & Smoke Dampers - UL CLASSIFIED and approved by U.A.E. & other countries Civil Defense authorities.
  • Sound Attenuators -Performance certified by AMCA & Fire rated by Warringtonfire.
  • VAV (Pressure independent & By-Pass) - Certified by Intertek - USA in accordance with AHRI & ASHRAE standards.
  • Supervent - Axial Fans & Cabinet Fans – Certified by AMCA(cabinet fans)
  • Supervent - Flexible Ducts, connectors, sticker pins & aluminum tapes.
  • Cable Trays & GI Trunking.
  • Data Cabinets
  • UL Fire Rated Doors - KSA Market.


We Trade:

  • VORTICE Fans (Italy) - (Wide range of Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Fans which includes Wall Mounted, Inline Centrifugal/Axial, Roof Mounted, Fire Rated Inline Axial Fans (400°/2 Hrs & 50°C), Explosion proof fans)
  • EMAK Fans (Turkey) – (Inline Axial Long Casing Fans – 400°C/2Hrs & 50°C)
  • ROSENBERG Fans (Germany) – (Inline Axial Long Casing Fans 400°C/2Hrs & 50°C).
  • HOWDEN DONKIN Fans (South Africa) - (Inline Axial Long Casing - 50°C & 300°C/2Hrs, Bifurcated Fans, Wall Mounted Heavy Duty)
  • AFS Flexible Duct (Turkey) - (Flex. Ducts, Connectors & Sticker Pins)
  • VORTICE (Italy) - Air Handling Units
  • BVN Fans (Turkey) - Inline Centrifugal/Axial Fans Wall Mounted Fans.
  • AIRTECNICS Air Curtains (Spain)
  • Belimo - PICV Valves, Energy Valve™ (IoT-capable), Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves & Globe Valves.


We Supply:

  • 2M Kablo - Fire Rated Cable (Civil Defense Approved)
  • Schneider Electric - Wiring Accessories, Isolators & Weatherproof Doorbell.
  • Rexton - PVC Conduit & Accessories, GI Boxes & Isolators.
  • Schneider Standalone Motion Sensors.
  • Schneider - Intelligent Lighting Control System.
  • Schneider - Wiser Wireless Home Automation System.
  • Beghelli (Italy) - Central Monitoring Emergency Lighting System
  • Beghelli Prazisa (Germany) - Central Battery Emergency Lighting System.
  • Interel – Guest Room Management System (GRMS)
  • Honeywell-Trend – Building Management System (BMS)
  • Bahra – Conduits and Accessories


  • Earn our customers respect by delivering what we promise.
  • Earn our staff respect by treating them with fairness & dignity.
  • Earn our investors respect by being transparent & accountable.
  • Earn our business partners respect by valuing their business as much as ours.
  • Earn our suppliers respect by dealing with them on merit.
  • Earn the government’s respect by following all laws.
  • Earn the community’s respect by generating goodwill.


To be a leading provider of HVAC products & solutions in the region  by offering quality products /services to our partners backed by sound product knowledge via our trained & friendly staff.